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Jesus thinks kids are awesome.

And so do we!



Pre-K through 4th Grade


One of the ways we say how awesome we think kids are is through Children's Church. Every Sunday morning from 10:15-11:30 a.m., our incredible team of volunteers join forces to lead kids in Kindergarten through 4th Grade in Singing, Learning, Creating, and Playing.


When your kiddo is at Children's Church, we're sure they'll have a lot of fun. Our Grace Kids Music Team will lead them in songs with motions and dancing that will be certain to get them pumped up and ready to engage.


Our team will also share a lesson from the Bible to show how BIG God's love is. When they pay really close attention, they will have the chance to answer some questions after the lesson to win fun prizes.


Part of our tactile approach to making a lasting impact is letting children learn each week through creating crafts and art based on the week's lesson.


We worship hard, we learn hard, but we also PLAY hard! So to conclude our time together each week, we have games and activities which further help to solidify the lesson that week. Plus, playing is just a fun way to glorify God!!


Infants through 4 years


If you have a child four years old or younger, you are invited to bring them to our nursery where a trained team will care for them with the same kind of compassion and empathy as if they were their own. In this calm and loving atmosphere, your child will hear Scripture songs played softly in the background while they eat, sleep, or play. This is because we see children as among the most wonderful image-bearers of God.


Jesus said, “Don’t try to keep the little children from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven

belongs to such as these.”

— Matthew 19:14

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